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 Taking a screen shot

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PostSubject: Taking a screen shot   Taking a screen shot Icon_minitimeFri Nov 26, 2010 9:58 pm

A "screen shot" is an exact image of the window you are viewing which you can save as a photo image on your PC (in bitmap format - filetype .BMP).

This technique can be used wherever you are using Windows, not just on this forum. I've scripted this for WindowsXP - it may need tweaks for other releases.

1. On the window you want to capture hold down the ALT key and hit Print Screen.2. At the bottom LHS of your screen click Start --> All Programs and then select Accessories and click Paint.
3. In the Paint window click Edit --> Paste from the toolbar.
4. When your image appears in the Paint window click File --> Save As and choose a file/folder to save your post and give it a name. Then click Save.
5. You have now saved the screen-shot on your PC. You can now close the Paint window.
6. To post the screen shot in a forum message, just treat it as any other photo file (resizing if necessary) and copy to a hosting site (FlickR, Photobucket etc) and copy/paste the IMG code. Or you can just print it or whatever you want as with any other image file.

You should end up with something like this (cropped and resized)

Taking a screen shot Redcar_forum_example-1
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Taking a screen shot
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