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 How to use the icons on the quick reply box

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PostSubject: How to use the icons on the quick reply box   Mon Mar 15, 2010 9:29 pm

If you hover your mouse over the icons at the top of your quick reply box, you can see what they do, but here is a more detailed explanation.

1This is to give you the code to make your text bold.
2This is to give you the code to make your text italic.
3 This is the code to put a line under your text.
4This is the code to use for a quote: 1) click quote button, 2)paste your quote, 3) click the quote button again.
5This is to use if you want to stop the BB code working, for example if you wish to show someone an example of a BB code, as in a tutorial. There is an example of this at the bottom of this tutorial..
6This is the forums built in image host, Servimg. You can use this
or any other image hosting site of your choice. The first time you use it, it will automatically create you an account. To access your photos on Servimg, you can log on directly to their site with the same user name & password you have on here. You can of course, use the images hosted there, on other forums.
7This is the image code to use if you have already hosted your image elsewhere & just want to add the image tags to your url.
8This is to post a link. Put the url in the top box & your description in the bottom one
9This is for coloured text. Please try to avoid using the green & red as they are used for moderating purposes
10This is to access the emoticons (smilies) & hangmen, click on & then use the scroll bar. If you know the code for a smiley, you can just use that instead.
11 This is to justify your text , make lists etc.
A This is the reply button, shown at the top & bottom of every thread, clicking on that, instead of using the quick reply white box, at the bottom of the topic, gives you more options, including the YouTube video icon, which is this one:

For all the codes you have to make sure that your image or text is in the middle of the code. The opening code and the closing one are always contained in these brackets [ ] the closing one has the forward slash [/]

You do not of course have to use those icons, & can just manually type your code out, for example:
 [youtube]put your url here[/youtube]

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How to use the icons on the quick reply box
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