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 Putting a link in your post

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Putting a link in your post Empty
PostSubject: Putting a link in your post   Putting a link in your post Icon_minitimeFri Mar 12, 2010 7:47 pm

If you have never used copy & paste before click on the red link for a demonstration: How To Copy & Paste

Open up a new window or tab on the exact page you wish to link to, then take the url from the top of the forum. See the blue arrow & blue text 'here' on the Evening Gazette screen shot.

Putting a link in your post Gazett10

Right click, choose select all from the drop down box & then copy. You are then ready to post it on the forum

If you are using quick reply it will look like the screen shot below. Using reply at the top of the thread will give you more options, including the video icon.
(Use your mouse to hover over the icons to see what they do, it won't work on a screen shot though wink)

Putting a link in your post Fjdgmb

This is the icon for posting a link:

Putting a link in your post 2d0dmao

Click on the icon & you get this:

Putting a link in your post E0hc8i

You will get two boxes, this is the top one, paste your url from the site you want to link to.

Putting a link in your post 5ap99s

This is the second box to give your link a title
Putting a link in your post 1zqbu6a

You can type anything you like in here, the title of the article, the title of the site you have taken it from, click here, link etc...

Then click the OK button, use the preview button to check it is a nice neat blue link, click on the link to test the link is working, press send smile
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Putting a link in your post
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