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 Your Profile - Information

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PostSubject: Your Profile - Information   Sun Feb 21, 2010 7:56 pm

The profile button enables you to change your profile to suit your personality

The default field is the first one you come to when you click on it is the Information

Under your user name it shows your e-mail address, through which you will be notified of any PMs you may receive, any postings on topics you are watching and any messages from the forum. You may change this e-mail address. Other members/ moderators cannot see your e-mail address.

The next three boxes are to do with passwords, you will not actually see your password in that field. If you ever forget it. click on the Log in button and you will see the :I forgot my password link.

Click on it & fill in your user name & e-mail address and a new one will be sent to you immediately. If you are still having difficulties, click on the portal & contact us through the e-mail address shown there (this is not so instantaneous, as it requires someone to be home & on the net to receive the e-mail)

Moderators & administrators have no knowledge of your password, nor can they read your pms, personal is what they are.

You may change your password any time you wish.

The next field is a gender field, click a button, or don't, be truthful or not, it's up to you. wink

The next field is the birthday one, if you fill it in people on the forum will know when it's your birthday, if you don't they won't (well maybe ;) ) It only seems to allow you to leave the year blank if you fill nothing else in on your personalised profile. If you want members to wish you a Happy Birthday but not know your age, then lie about the year lol


Fill them if you wish, you can give general info on yourself, or just leave it blank, make it serious or funny. Just remember, a lot of people can read that information about you, so don't give away anything you would not happy to be in the public domain & be careful of your own security.

Finally there is the contact field, to be honest most people don't fill this in. If you do, just be aware that complete strangers may decide to contact you. Unwanted contact by PM can always be stopped by the administrators of the forum, we can do nothing if someone has your e-mail or MSN addy etc.

Be who you are and say what you feel. Because those that matter don't mind. And those that mind don't matter.
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Your Profile - Information
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