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 Your Profile - Friends & Foes

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PostSubject: Your Profile - Friends & Foes   Your Profile - Friends & Foes Icon_minitimeSun Feb 21, 2010 7:47 pm

Friends & Foes

Your Profile - Friends & Foes Profil20


When you add someone as a friend, they will have to 'accept' first, just as on social networking sites. Unfortunately you will not get notified when someone has added you, you will need to check in your profile. Anyone looking at your profile can see who you are friends with. Adding a friend means that you can quickly find them to see if they are on line and find any new posts they may have made.


If you make someone a foe they will not know this. It just means that you cannot see their posts. Instead you will see this:

Your Profile - Friends & Foes Foe10

It is quite small & you might miss it, it gives you the choice to see that particular post. Of course if you have a regular poster as a foe, some threads will not make sense if there are some posts missing.

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Your Profile - Friends & Foes
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